Ladies First

She’s not Jackie O, in a modernist uniform of Oleg Cassini finished with Halston on top; she’s not the glowing icon of bourgeois elegance. She has eschewed the American pantheon of Oscar, Ralph, Calvin, Donna, Marc, Vera, and Tommy, with their big ad budgets and armies of auxiliary licenses. She wears dresses by Thakoon, jackets by Maria Cornejo, and jewelry by Tom Binns, not because she knows the name, but because of the integrity of their design and by being in touch with the new. With her remarkable appreciation, when she must wear Paris she wears Alaia. Moreover, a woman of practicality, so she will wear J.Crew; she’s not afraid of color nor print and she will wear a sweater to Buckingham Palace. She has established a rhetoric for the bold and has pushed American taste towards the new.

The political is personal and the personal is political. Much like her husband’s presidency, her style has broken the chain of monotony and the status quo on Capitol Hill.



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