When You’re A Boy: Fashion Styled by Simon Foxton


It’s about time that Simon Foxton has an exhibit dedicated to his work as a stylist, only now as his ideas are disseminating and influencing men’s fashion so intensely. It was always Foxton who realized a global culture, mixing style elements from every facet of the planet’s myriad sartorial traditions. It was Foxton and his universal perspective on beauty that championed black models, only now have avant-garde designers and keen casting directors followed suit. And it was Foxton who blurred heterosexual and homosexual male iconography, dissolving them into each other, erasing the thin lines that define our sexual and gender identities.

Foxton’s styling has been a much needed and much appreciated voice of dissent, a British tradition if there ever was one. He has resisted the pressure to submit to commercial demands in favor of honesty. He has masterfully interpreted the heat and the energy of our times, a bold and courageous outcry for the truth. The worlds Foxton creates speak to our most humbling experiences as humans as well as our most fantastic dreams; it is that mixture that makes them so potent. Congratulations Simon!

The exhibit is up through October 4th at the
Photographer’s Gallery in London. It was curated by Showstudio’s Penny Martin.


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