Christophe Lemaire for Lacoste, Spring 2010


Renee Perlee, circa 1930

Lemaire’s mastery in reinterpreting what has to be one of the most banal brand heritages is without out a doubt unsurpassed in the industry, not even by Mr.Lagerfeld who’s quarterly staged reincarnations of Coco Chanel keep the company’s name at the top of the fashion heap. This season he looked to muse Renee Perlee, a woman whose beauty and personality was a  great inspiration for photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue. Even when Lemaire does tennis (which is almost every season) he ingeniously manages to never make it actually about the sport but always keeps the ease and simplicity that has made tennis sportswear so classic. Therein lies the secret of Lemaire’s success with Lacoste. His 1930’s leisure references are brilliant and would make a fine collection with or without the alligator. Now, if the company could only make a push to get these clothes in the actual stores we might see Lacoste utilize their talented creative director’s vision and elevate themselves beyond mere polos.





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