Thierry Mugler, 2009

a fan video of Beyonce’s latest tour spectacles

Thierry Mugler has become pop star Beyonce’s designer of choice, almost exclusively wearing pieces from his archive for marketing events and photo shoots. The designer was commissioned to do the costumes and give creative direction for her recent tour. For the most part, it’s a perfect match and perhaps just the one Thierry was waiting for when he took leave from the fashion scene in 2003.

In his later career Mugler was criticized for his camp sensibility and over the top theatrics that no longer seemed relevant in the pared down 90’s. Now as the mainstream entertainment industry desires the outré, his brand of futuristic and severe glamor finds itself refreshed with new appreciation and interpretation. Kudos to Beyonce (or at least her advisers) to go straight to the source amidst all the facsimiles and doppelegangers.



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