from Sang Bleu, a bi-annual publication about tattoos and more

Imran Ahmed has a great article about Sang Bleu and Some/Things magazines on his blog. He highlights a developing trend for publications inching away from the 12 a year format, printed on poor paper quality, and aimed for the masses; they are no longer a tempting lot for advertisers who are as judicious as ever on where they spend their shrinking budgets. Publishers and editors, especially in niche worlds like fashion and art, are favoring to print less, print better, and establish a reliable standard of quality that can be cherished and maintain long term appeal

The idea is to create an object that will be savored and saved, greatly enhancing the value of any advertisement. Advertisers gain access to a magazine’s cult following, greatly raising their esteem by partnering with high quality editorial. And, if it’s a publication revered by the in-the-know, the trickle down and spread of influence extends the ad even more. It’s a set up wholly unique to print and can’t be replicated on the internet to the same effect. Though, it’s not a brand new idea; fashion’s Visionaire and Self-Service have pioneered the “the art book” format. Both publications spoke to the fashion reader who wanted something covetable and unique, a reference book for inspiration rather than a mindless throw away. But now as so much of what has been provided for in magazines moves online the distinction is more noticeable if not appreciated


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