Daul Kim, R.I.P.

I was deeply saddened and disturbed to learn that 20 year old model Daul Kim was found dead in her Paris apartment, speculated to be a suicide.

I was lucky to meet Daul in passing on an elevator a year ago, she was with a group of girls for a casting in the building where I work — clad in a black Mongolian goat jacket that, coupled with her striking Han looks, gave her a presence unlike any model I’ve ever seen. More so, Daul revealed herself to be a curious, thoughtful, and entirely genuine human being as she posted her travels and musings on her blog. When I told her I was fan she thanked me with utter humility and a hint of surprise.

She was clearly loved championed by every facet of the fashion industry that I was aware of. There was the hope and expectation that she, as a young South Korean girl, would go on to be a game changer, adding to the dialogue and setting an example as a model of color in a world dominated by Caucasian preference. And as a South Korean she transgressed the country’s conservative conventions that have long held the nation back as a cultural capitol. I was always rooting for her, anticipating her rise to the top. She will be terribly terribly missed.


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  1. Lovely post, Jeremy. It’s been such a bummer of a week after this untimely news. That’s so great that you got to cross paths with her; i was so looking forward to her continuing to morph and take over– film, photography, books…

    it was way too early, it makes me angry and sad. thanks for such a nice tribute.

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