Mizrahi looks into the YSL repetoire, showing for spring 2010 one of his best collections in years.

Leyomi Mizrahi freestyling, “Yes Bitch!”

Both names carry the hopes and dreams of daunted ambition. Isaac was the fashion darling of the early 90’s and despite the hype, his business never quite gained the momentum other young designers were enjoying at the time. A series of financial set backs and dubious  media projects didn’t help either. The designer has since restructured his collection business and assumed creative duties for Liz Claiborne, both lines look incredible. More than two decades after Isaac began, he is finally having his moment.

When MTV selected a band of Mizrahi’s to compete on their show America’s Best Dance Crew it was the first display of genuine progress in about two decades for the cable tv channel that once was at the frontier of youth culture. Featuring a transgendered woman at the fore, Vogue Evolution exposed mainstream America to house culture and voguing (more so than the pittance Madonna gave it) and made Mizrahi as household name.


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