two 1970’s Charles Kleibacker designs in satin-striped silk chiffon developed by Bucol

BUCOL is a famous silk house in Lyon since 1920. Innovative in a traditional craft and specialized in novelty fabrics for Haute Couture, designer ready-to-wear and furnishing fabrics.
BUCOL employs 64 people divided between its 2 sites. The weaving unit of Bussières in the Loire area counts 30 looms for plain weave and Jacquard (2 or 4 Jacquard heads) and specializes in yarn dyed. This factury unit has all the skills required in silk weaving : warp printing, brocade, swivel weave, damask, lampas, taffetas, sateen.

Kleibacker avoided ostentation in favor of timelessness, the opulence in his clothes came in the difficulty of the cut and his judicious use of color, not obnoxious flair or ornamentation. But when he did desire overt drama Kleibacker stuck to what he knew: fabric. As these ensembles illustrate, Kleibacker understood that a beautiful fabric needed little “designing” to become a beautiful garment. Kleibacker approached design as an engineer, meticulously testing and sampling the properties of a fabric until he knew exactly what it could and could not do.




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