Armani, 1977

The textured grains of the jacket and top running perpendicular to each other, the slimness of the sleeve, the sharp angles of the lapels and shoulders, and the overlong length of the blazer…

A rare example of Armani working a lean silhouette, it’s a look the Italian master was quick to abandon when he entered the 80’s but one that now feels utterly contemporary.


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One response to “Armani, 1977

  1. I miss good old Armani. His store in Barcelona (my city) is about to close, so they’re getting rid of all the stock. That way you can see how Armani still makes beautiful and enduring pieces, but (why??!!) also crappy, vulgar, celebrity oriented superfluous things. His company has expanded too much, with unstoppable greed, his cheaper lines have hurt the main one and, basically, it has all dolcegabbanized…

    (an excuse my English, please. Love your blog)

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