Desperately Seeking Susan

Carine and Susan

Susan and Karl

Paul and Susan

Kris and Susan

Susan and John

Meet Susan Tabak: a rare bird would be an apt description; an insurmountable fashion zealot would hit the nail on the head.  Undoubtedly a woman with a passion for fashion, she has channeled her relentless love into an eponymous media website, therein containing interviews with esteemed designers, retail reviews, and general tips on keeping your life and daily activities “chic” (a word that Susan uses copiously and with much avail). Susan’s voice stands out from most fashion bloggers in some fundamental ways: most notable is that she commands far more resources than your average Midwestern 13-year-old. But more importantly, her vantage on fashion is entirely her own, incredibly informed and completely authentic. It’s a peculiar kind of woman who can gush to Karl Lagerfeld with complete and utter sincerity and without self reproach. It’s a bare and at times grotesque honesty, unbridled obsession – a severely focused point of view. And much to her credit Susan avoids the rigmarole of gossip, scandal, and the general banalities usually humored by bloggers. Instead, concentrating only on the beauty of the clothes and the dreams she lives through them, Susan gives us a refreshing reminder of why we even bother with the whole farce to begin with. Hats off to Susan!

all photos via Susan Tabak’s facebook page


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