Helmut Lang, 2001

2001 ad campaign

If Helmut Lang had been powering the 1990’s as it hurtled towards the future it was  in 2001 that the inertia finally kicked out and everything came to a stop. Lang provided a system of dressing that did not require allusions to the past in order to muster appeal, it came wholly and objectively from the contemporary, sometimes startlingly so.  A futurist for sure, but with his head always close to the ground and not amongst cosmic clouds. Unforeseen events in 2001 abruptly redirected our dreams and needs and the future was no longer the exciting world of tomorrow that had been so chic on Lang’s runways. The future was dark, dystopic, and offered no solace to the horror and fear of reality. Just as fashion had been looking light years ahead it began to drift back, spending the next decade hiding in the past (though not without its own innovations). In 2004, after selling the majority of his business to Prada and a substantial decline in sales, Lang left his namesake line and the fashion business altogether…

A selection of Helmut Lang’s Spring/Summer 2001 collection


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