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Macy’s, 1984

If you can imagine a Macy’s with enough awareness and aspirations of innovation that it would not only buy but advertise Issey Miyake’s Plantation.


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Ready-To-Wear (or, Pret-A-Porter)

Robert Altman‘s full powered attempt to break open the fashion world and pry from it some mainstream entertainment appeal and movie ticket sales. Slated for a Christmas day release in 1994,  the all-star cast of Sophia Lauren, Forest Whitaker, Julia Roberts, Rupert Everett, Kim Bassinger, and Tim Robbins (among many others) as well as the silly and mostly confusing plot did little to convince anyone that fashion was ready to make it big. But the film stands as a great document of fashion of the times with cameos from Issey Miyake and Ferre era Christian Dior.

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Issey Miyake, 1983

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Irving Penn 1917-2009


Issey Miyake as seen by Irving Penn, 1987

One of fashion and American photography’s most prolific artists has passed away.

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Issey Miyake, 1975

Issey Miyake’s first show in NYC, captured by Anton Perich.

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