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Esprit, 1987

Spring looks by Oliviero Toscani

Esprit’s Susie Tompkins started the company out of San Francisco when she felt dissatisfied with American fashions after a trip to Europe.  Their ad campaigns shot by Toscani (who is also known for his United Colors of Benneton campaigns) embolden the clothes with a carefree ease and optimistic reality that perhaps could only come from Northern California.


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John Galliano, 1987

John Galliano in Interview magazine, a special London profile written by Caroline Reynolds Milbank. Bottom two photos by David La Chapelle.

John Galliano claims his favorite designer is Vionnet, whose world renowned prowess with inventive cutting pays homage to in such designs that, when buttoned and laid flat, forms an L-Shape, but that, when unbuttoned, hangs gracefully on the body. Galliano was born in 1962 and graduated with first-class honors from St. Martin’s College of Art, where his thesis collection was such a success that several pieces went into production. Since 1984 he’s had his own label, backed by Peder Bertelson, showing collections with names (and themes) such as “Les Incroyables,” “Ludic Games,” “Fallen Angels,” and “Forgotten Innocents.” He always works by draping fabric on the body, saying that “it’s almost sad” for a designer to be so removed from the figure that he designs by drawing on paper.

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Irving Penn 1917-2009


Issey Miyake as seen by Irving Penn, 1987

One of fashion and American photography’s most prolific artists has passed away.

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Kimijima, 1987




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Marc Jacobs, 1987

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